NGUYEN WAHED is a London-based gallery, which program evolves around but is not limited to digital and generative art practices. Focusing on contemporary artists (Leander Herzog, Sofia Crespo) who embody the intersection of technology and creativity, it expands onto rediscovering select phenomena in the peripheries of digital art starting from the 1960s (Manfred Mohr) to the first neural-network inquiries (Mario Klingemann), exploring systems, and algorithms - new age movement engaging with computational methods and conceptual frameworks to create art. Founded by Mimi Nguyen who also serves as an Assistant Professor at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, in Digital Innovation and Creative Director at verse.

Nguyen’s background is in Media Art, which she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw and Universität der Künste, Berlin. Her PhD at Imperial College London, Faculty of Engineering, focused on creativity in a decentralised environment, and was continued through a study on emotional AI with IBM Watson. Previous research on creativity and human-computer interaction has been published by Cambridge University Press, the Design Research Society, the Association for Computing Machinery, FlashArt and TIME Magazine.

Her previous works have been exhibited and presented at CHI (Computer-Human Interaction) ACM, New Orleans (2022), London Transport Museum, Futures Gallery (2021), Great Exhibition Road Festival, London (2019), LVMH Theatre, Central Saint Martins London (2016), St. Anne's Church Soho, London (2015), Spokojna Gallery, Warsaw (2015), Rundgang UdK, Berlin (2014), Turbo Gallery, Warsaw (2014), European Capital of Culture, Studio of Spatial Activities of Miroslaw Balka, Umeå, Sweden (2014), Salon Gallery, Warsaw (2014), The New York Art Book Fair, Museum of Modern Art, New York (2013).


Exhibitions with verse
4 Cromwell Pl
South Kensington
London SW7 2JE
United Kingdom