Snapshots: Orchids

25 - 26 November 2023
Frieze Gallery
9 Cork St
London W1S 3LL

Sofia Crespo x Anna Ridler

In their third collaborative exploration, Snapshots: Orchids, Anna Ridler and Sofia Crespo offer a visual symphony that weaves the analog warmth of Polaroid photography with the cutting-edge contours of digital art. Within this collection of 108 Polaroid printed images, each piece is a whisper of the broader orchestration of orchids, capturing the delicate interplay of light, color, and texture that characterizes these enigmatic blooms.

With their inherent intimacy and immediacy, they encourage a slower, more contemplative engagement from the viewer. The arrangement of these snapshots suggests a natural order, an unspoken coherence that resonates with the organic subject matter. This artwork invites a pause, a moment to absorb fragments of a world that surrounds us but is often overlooked.

Each ‘snapshot’, a word also used within machine learning to signify a captured instance within the training of an AI model, beckons the viewer to consider the fleeting beauty of these flowers against the permanence of their captured image.

Snapshots: Orchids thus emerges as a visual narrative that weaves the temporal with the timeless. The Polaroids act as windows into moments of natural splendor, while the digital aspect hints at the possibilities of art, particularly photography, in a technology-driven future. Through this body of work, the artists provoke a gentle questioning of our interactions with nature—framed not just by physical encounters but increasingly through the lenses and screens that mediate our reality.

This work is presented as part of HERE, an event dedicated to digital art taking place at 9 Cork Street, Frieze Gallery in London. 

Office: 25 Horsell Rd, London N5 1XL
Gallery (coming 2024): 416 Washington St, New York, NY 10013